Just like any other business, restaurants need to be marketed for them to attract new clients and retain existing customers. There are both in- and out-of-house marketing strategies. In-house practices play a crucial role in marketing. Some of these practices include:

Loyalty Programs

Offering loyalty programs is a marketing strategy that can be employed within a restaurant. Loyalty programs are given to existing customers, while new customers can also enroll for these loyalty programs. These programs work differently, but most of them function through awarding redeemable points upon purchase.>


Restaurants should occasionally offer some foods at discounted prices to attract customers. Discounts mean lower prices for the same quantity of food. When giving discounts, foods which are on high demand should be prioritized to draw more customers.


Offers given should be made clear on the menu so that guests can see them. Some offers include the buy-one-get-one-free.

Happy Hours

These are timely offers. This means they can only be accessed at a specific time. Such an offer is aimed at maximizing the number of customers at certain hours. The best times to use this are peak hours like lunch and dinner hours.