Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, eateries have faced a major blow. This is because they have been forced to adhere to strict conditions for them to remain safely operational. These rules have led to a decline in the number of customers, but they are vital for customer and staff safety. Some of the safety tips include:

Mandatory Hand-Washing Rule

The World Health Organization has made it known that water and soap are essential in the fight against COVID-19. Restaurants are required to make clean water and soap available for customers to clean their hands frequently. With proper hand sanitization, the fight against Covid-19 is likely to be a success.

Wearing Facemasks

Customers and staff are required to wear face masks while at the restaurants. Masks help prevent the transmission of the virus. For eateries to make this rule effective, they should bar people from accessing their services without masks.

Ensure People Observe Social Distance

People in restaurants should observe social distances to avoid the spread of the virus. To ensure this is observed, they should come up with a way to enforce the distancing rules. Restaurants with many staff members should reduce the number to achieve social distancing.