The market is saturated with restaurants which keep popping up on every corner of the street. As a business owner looking to be successful in this business, you need to be very creative and ambitious. Envision a simple yet unique restaurant, and, at the same time, make sure it will stand out from the rest. Before settling on a theme for your restaurant, consider your target clientele and the type of food you intend to serve them. This article will highlight a few themes you should consider when setting your restaurant.

Fine Dining Theme

If you target the wealthy class of people in the locality, you need to have an elegant dining concept. This will start from having your stewards and stewardesses dressed up in tuxedos to tables covered with crisp white table cloths and sommeliers to help clients with the wine section. Also, ensure that the food you serve, the service from your employees, and the ambiance of the premises can be five-star rated.

A Family Style Concept

This is also referred to as a casual concept. If you choose these concepts, you will need to offer tableside services, have moderately priced dishes on your menu, and ensure you add a combination of classic cuisines, a few signatures dip, toppings, and sauces for your customers. You also need to ensure that your menu is reasonably priced, and the setting should be subtle.

Bistro Concept

Traditionally a bistro menu is cakes, pastries, coffee, teas, light soups, and other light meals that you can snack on. The themes for these small restaurants should facilitate a warm, relaxed, and intimate ambiance. An outdoor setup is also another idea most bistros adopt.


The buffet theme is prevalent across the world. The concept involves customers serving themselves. You can include this theme in your restaurant occasionally to spice up things.

Fast Casual Theme

This theme is among the hottest styles that restaurant owners have been adopting. It is slightly high-end than regular fast food. They offer a fascinating ambiance with an open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared. So you have to ensure your service personnel is very clean, efficient, and hygienic because this will be put to test while they prepare meals in front of your customers.

Food Truck

A restaurant doesn’t have to be in a permanent place. You can set it up on wheels. A mobile food truck is one of the many growing restaurant themes. This is one of the easiest and cheapest concepts you can ever think of. It is easy to reach your costumers, and if there is an event, your restaurant can offer its services with ease and class. You will not require a lot of staff; therefore, managing it will be effortless and less tedious.